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We Buy Antlers!

I’ve loved the outdoors all of my life. I was fortunate to have most of my years in Northwestern Montana until relocating to North Idaho.

The abundant wildlife shared the lush green valley, peppered with rivers and streams; all nestled in the cradle of the incredible Cabinet Mountains. During those years I had the opportunity to appreciate the majestic beauty and untamed spirit of the wildlife.

Taxidermy seemed the only thing that I would truly love to do. I attended taxidermy school and opened Untamed Taxidermy LLC ® with my mission being to have each and every mount reflect the untamed spirit within me.

I encourage anyone interested in looking at my work, or just wanting to share an adventure story, to give me a call at 208-660-5251. Customers are always welcome anytime with a phone call.

Thomas E Cook


Untamed Taxidermy LLC
1500 W. Orchard Ave.
Hayden, ID 83835


North American Big Game & more

• Elk
• Mountain Lion
• Whitetail Deer
• Skunk
• Mule Deer
• Coyote
• Moose
• Badger
• Trophy Antlers
• Pine Marten
• Sitka Black tail deer
• Lynx
• Caribou
• Antelope
• Black Bear
• Bighorn Sheep
• Brown Bear
• Wolverine
• Grizzly Bear
• Lynx
• African

Serving: North Idaho, Eastern Washington, Northwestern Montana & Alaska.
Untamed Taxidermy
® is located in the Coeur d’Alene, Hayden Lake area of Northern Idaho.

Official Fish & Game Check-In Station for Moose, Mountain Lion & Black Bear


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